Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flickr Anywhere

I have decided to write about Flickr Anywhere. I think this application would be useful for those on Myspace and even Blogger so that all your Flicker photos can be shared. I wonder why someone just couldn't post all their photos on Myspace in the first place? It seems somewhat redundant. I guess it would be useful if you want to show someone who is not interested or are a member of Flickr your photos and they have a Myspace account. PS> Who has time to create programs to use programs? Scary!

Amigurumi Sushi by Christen Haden (Usa)

Here is my flicker picture that I found to blog about. I learned that not all photos can be blogged about. Anyway, I chose sushi because I am hungry and will be going out to sushi Sat night. Also, once I went to Portland and saw 'knitted' sushi and this reminded me of the trip. Look at the cute wasabi and ginger ;)

7 and a half habits

Out of all the habits discussed in the tutorial I would have to say that I am good at creating my own learning toolbox. I think that finding the things (books, webpages, equipment, and people) I will need to complete my learning task is the easiest and most fun part of the learning process. This is why I like being a librarian! I don't actually like the learning part, I like the scavanging part ;) It's my form of procrastination. The step I have trouble with is viewing problems as challenges. Personally, I don't care for problems and roadblocks and sometimes need to be reminded that challenges can be a good thing!


I have never wanted to create a blog so will keep this short. We'll see if I ever have anything of interest to say, or if I can get into reading other people's random thoughts ;)