Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I created a Rollyo for books. It only has two sites so far, but I will add more soon. I can't figure out how to link it or let otehrs know about it. Oh well! It seems to be just like a set of personal favorites that other people can see too.

Library Thing

Library Thing is very cool! I like it a lot and think if people who I knew would sign up too it could be very cool! Here is the link to my library:

So far I just added 5 of my fav titles.

Image Generator

I liked the FD Toys image generator's a lot. I tried the Warholizer. It took a very long time to work, but it finally did. The result is above. Here is the link to the image generator:

RSS feeds part 2

The method of finding feeds I found easiest to use was simply using Bloglines and their reccomendations and their archive of blogs. I just searched and added them. I also like to visit websites/ news, blogs that i like and just add them that way. I think word of mouth would be a good way to find out about other feeds. Technoratie was also interesting.

RSS Feeds


I am to write a bit about the RSS feeds tutorial on Librarian 2.0. It may come in useful for patrons, but personally I have no interest. I don't really read blogs and if I want to read one I'll just go look it up. I guess Blogs are a good way to kill time at least. I prefer to read a blog in the state it was made instead of a boring list of links.